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     Wajir County -

   Wajir County Sectors
Agriculture and Livestock
Education, Culture and Social
Enviroment and Natural Resources
Finance and Accounting
Health Services
Physical Planning / Housing
Public Service Management
Public Works and Utilities
Roads and Infrastructure
Trade, Industry, Developement and Regulation

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NESP (2013-2018) is an all-inclusive, sector-wide programme whose prime goal is: Quality Basic Education and training research for Kenya's Sustainable Development.

VISION: A globally competitive education, training, research and innovation system for sustainable development.

Welcome To Wajir County

Wajir County is a county in the North Eastern Province of Kenya. Its has a Total Population of 661,941 ; 88,574 House holds and covers an area of 56,685.8 SQ. KM. The Population density is 12 people PER SQ. KM and 84% of the population live below the poverty line.

Some Strengths of Wajir County include:

  1. Natural resources as wildlife, livestock, water, pasture, minerals (limestone, sand & stones), wind and solar energy
  2. Tourist Attractions as Wajir Museum, Wagalla Massacre Site, Orpahey Wells, British and Italian War Bunkers, Old Court House, Yahut Dam, Old Court House
  3. Main Economic Activities include Livestock Keeping and Trading, Commercial Businesses

Wajir County Map

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